Miejsce magiczne!



Quiet and peaceful village of Brunów, located away from the hustle and bustle of the streets, the noise of cities and the rush of everyday life. Here time flows differently. Try to experience something different.
Visit our truly magnificent areas where You can contemplate and admire surroundings of the Brunów Palace.

Palace Brunow is located 4 km from Lwówek Śląski, 18 km from the A4 motorway and 120km from Wrocław.
The oldest building in the Palace complex. Here you can spend the evening by the fireplace or playing billiard.
Park and gardens
Greenery and colourful flowers surrounds all buildings in the Palace complex. Our guests can relax in the French garden on sun loungers, by the fountain next to the Palace, or walk through the romantic park.
Children in Palace
Small is beautiful. And you should care for them. That is why we care so much about the youngest guests of the Palace. Thinking about them and for them, we have prepared a playground full of attractions. We arranged the restaurant in such a way that you can have fun at your will. For families with children we offer a number of amenities: free cot for children in the room, books for rental and ponies.
Each of us was a child - nice memories are the most important thing. Isn't it